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Set well back from the nearest road, amongst seven acres of beautiful New England woodland, Hickory Hill Pet Care Center is staffed with on-site supervision 24 hours a day.

Your hosts

In July of 2021, Stuart and Noreen Marsh became the new owners of Hickory Hill Pet Care Center. We are very excited about this new adventure in our lives and to meeting our new and existing customers and cherished family members to continue to add features and value to the pet care community through this outstanding facility.

BOARDING at Hickory Hill

LUXURY SUITES // Westminster & Destination

At Hickory Hill Kennel we have two styles of Luxury Suites: our indoor/outdoor suites known as the Westminster Suites, and our indoor-only, home-style suites known as the Destination Suites. Both are heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. Both include fun muralled walls and a degree of comfort not matched in the Pioneer Valley.

The Westminster Suites allow your pet access to their individual outside run, while still having the comfort of air conditioning, via the Plexidoor designed dog doors, that form an air tight seal every time they are used.

The Destination Suites are for those owners looking for a quieter location for their dog, accommodating the pet in extreme comfort inside. With this choice of accommodation we include early morning, lunchtime and evening walks. The Destination Suites are located in our house set back from the kennel to the rear of the property.

Both offer a high level of comfort. We are extremely proud to offer such a facility and invite you to view the two before making your decision as to which to reserve.


    This is a completely new facility in our main boarding kennel. We are offering state of the art boarding, with beautiful tempered glass units, each one with a doggie themed mural, on gorgeous ceramic tiled floors. Each unit has a doggie door to a huge individual outside run. These state of the art doggie doors automatically close behind your dog, thus allowing us to fully air condition the room, or in cold weather, fully heat the room, but your pet can still enjoy the freedom of going outside whenever they choose.

    We are very proud of the new area, and it gives you and your pet another option to choose from.

    Westminster Suite Rates

    Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
    Large Breed (>100 lbs) $45.00 $33.75 $22.50
    Medium Breed $40.00 $30.00 $20.00
    Small Breed (<25 lbs) $35.00 $26.25 $17.50

    We are pleased to introduce the addition of our four themed Destination Pet Suites to Hickory Hill Kennel. Our aim is to provide a caring facility for your pet, giving them some of the true comforts of home, allowing you the peace of mind required for a truly great weekend or vacation.

    The Pet Suites are purpose built units installed in our residence behind the current kennel buildings. The suites provide a quieter experience for your pet while your away. Each Pet Suite has radiant floor heating, air conditioning, and a 42-inch flat screen television. Pets will enjoy 3 short walks per day, the last of which is in the evening before bedtime.

    Destination Suite Rates

    Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
    Large Breed (>100 lbs) $48.00 $36.00 $24.00
    Medium Breed $43.00 $32.25 $21.50
    Small Breed (<25 lbs) $38.00 $28.50 $19.00

    "Our goal is to provide your canine friend the comfort of a warm, clean and enjoyable stay in our kennel facility."

    Each lodge has a large inside kennel and an individual outside run. Your pet has access to the outside run all day, until the early evening when they are locked in for the night. The kennel is fully heated during cold weather.

    Standard Kennel Rates

    Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
    Large Breed (>100 lbs) $36.00 $27.00 $18.00
    Medium Breed $32.00 $24.00 $16.00
    Small Breed (<25 lbs) $28.00 $21.00 $14.00
Cat Boarding


"Our goal is to provide your feline friend the comfort of a warm, clean and enjoyable stay in our kennel facility."

The cat facility has been designed to allow the energetic cats access to a play area. The individual cat lodgings are located overlooking our kitchen area where they are in the company of our caring staff all day.

Cat Condo Rates

Cat Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
n/a $18.00 $13.50 $9.00

Vaccination requirements

For your pet's health and safety, we require proof of up-to-date vaccinations.  Please bring copies of your pet's vaccination records on your pet's day of arrival.

  • Rabies
  • Bordatella
  • Rabies
  • FeLV

Grooming at Hickory Hill

Hickory Hill Pet Care Center's fully equipped grooming shop offers a full service for dogs and cats, including bathing, drying and trimming of all breeds, as well as nail clipping and ear cleaning.  The service extends to both the "Show Dog" and the household pet.

Hickory Hill Kennel has been grooming pets and show dogs alike for over two decades.

The grooming shop is open to both lodgers at the kennel, and to pets visiting for a groom only Monday to Friday. To set up an appointment call 413-863-9753.

Prices are available on request.



  • Westminster Suites
    Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
    Large Breed (>100 lbs) $45.00 $33.75 $22.50
    Medium Breed $40.00 $30.00 $20.00
    Small Breed (<25 lbs) $35.00 $26.25 $17.50
  • Destination Suites
    Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
    Large Breed (>100 lbs) $48.00 $36.00 $24.00
    Medium Breed $43.00 $32.25 $21.50
    Small Breed (<25 lbs) $38.00 $28.50 $19.00
  • Standard Kennels
    Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
    Large Breed (>100 lbs) $36.00 $27.00 $18.00
    Medium Breed $32.00 $24.00 $16.00
    Small Breed (<25 lbs) $28.00 $21.00 $14.00
  • Cat Condos
    Cat Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
    n/a $18.00 $13.50 $9.00

Frequently Asked Questions


Dogs are fed a quality grain free dry diet. Meals are served up to three times daily. If you prefer your dog not to have a change of diet, then please bring your dog's own food. Please also bring any treats your dog normally enjoys.


Medications are administered up to three times a day at a charge of $2.00 per occasion for dogs, and $1.00 per occasion for cats.


Full trims, bath & nails - prices are available on request. Hickory Hill Kennel has been grooming pets and show dogs alike for 22 years. A groom includes a bath, dry, trim, nail clip and ear cleaning.  Learn more


Please bring a washable dog bed or blanket. The pets staying at our kennel enjoy the familiarity and smell of their bed from home. This has a calming influence.

Vaccination records

Please provide proof of up to date shot records. Click here for detail of the vaccinations required to board at our kennel facility.


A 25% discount is deducted from the second dog's accommodation rate when two dogs are sharing one kennel.
A 50% discount is deducted from the third dog's accommodation rate when three dogs are sharing one kennel.


Cancellation of Boarding reservation: A $25 reservation fee is requested upon boarding reservation. This reservation fee is credited towards your upcoming reservation, however, should you need to cancel, this fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation of Grooming appointment: If under 48 hours from the appointment, then a full charge for the appointment will be applied to your credit card.


Your pet could enjoy a lovely walk through the pastoral backroads of rural Gill.

The longer walks are weather permitting, and do require a dog that is leash trained. They can be provided daily, every other day, or once during an extended stay. We can design an activity schedule that suits both your pet and your budget. To sign your pet up for activities please indicate on the online reservation form.

The 2 mile walk

We have mapped out a 2 mile walk along the country lanes of Gill. At a charge of $15.00, the 2 mile leashed walk takes guest dogs out of the kennel, left onto Center Road, right at the fork onto Lyons Hill Road, over Main Road Gill, around by Zak Farm, behind the Gill Tavern, and home around the back of the Town Hall along Center Road. This walk takes approx 40 minutes depending on sniffing time and the guest in hand. There is a 50% surcharge for a pet that has to be walked as a single.
PDF map of 2 mile walk.

The 4 mile walk

At a charge of $28.00 we leave the kennel, and turn right onto Center road. When we get to the cross road we turn right onto West Gill Road and pass the cow heard at Hastings farm. At the sign to Sudbury nursery we turn right down Ben Hale Road. We walk through the Nursery to the cross road, and turn left on to Center Road and home to the kennel. This walk takes us approximately 75 minutes. There is a 50% surcharge for a pet that has to be walked as a single.
PDF map of 4 mile walk.


For dogs
At a charge of $5.00 per dog, your dog can have the fun of a play off the lead in our exercise yard for 10 minutes playing fetch with a ball or to go for a 10 minute leashed walk around the perimeter of our property.

For cats
At a charge of $2.00 per cat, your cat can enjoy the freedom to explore the cat room, play with a member of staff chasing a toy mouse, climbing the cat tree or simply to spend 20 minutes sitting on the lap of one of our staff.

We offer chaffeur service.

Pick up and drop off

We are proud to offer our furry friends a fun and convenient way to get chauffeur driven to Hickory Hill. Your pet can ride in style in our dog van with our Pick Up and Delivery service. We offer flexible hours to take away the stress when you are trying to escape on vacation, or to a business meeting. You can sign up for a pick up, a drop off or both. Reserve your ride when booking your stay, or call 413-863-9753 to schedule.

Hickory Hill Pet Care Center
20 Hickory Hill Rd
Gill, MA  01354

E: thehickoryhillkennel@gmail.com
P: 413-863-9753

We endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

Our hours are:
Monday and Tuesday: 8:00-12 noon & 3:00-5:30pm
Wednesday: 8:00-12 noon, closed in the afternoon
Thursday and Friday: 8:00-12 noon & 3:00-5:30pm
Saturday: 8:00-12 noon, closed in the afternoon
Sunday: 3:00-5:00pm
(Sunday is a full day charge, however, picking up Monday morning before noon is no extra charge.)

Out-of-hours appointments may be made with prior arrangement for a fee of $25.

For your budget, please note that checkout time is 12 noon Monday through Saturday to avoid an additional day charge.

No arrivals or departures on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. For your budget, please note that our rates are double for July 4, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day.